Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Mommy Sentiment.

Tuesday was a wonderful day. Murry was great. She played while I did chores. We played together and hung out with Mom while she painted more on my wall mural. On that very nice Tuesday while we 3 girls were eating lunch, Mom gave Murry a couple cheetos and told her, "Go to town, girl."

Her reply, in a very matter of fact manner, " I am a girl, but I don't need to go to town. Not today."

Then Tuesday evening, she started up acting like a stinker. It finally came out right at bedtime that she was scared/worried/nervous about going to preschool the next day. We talked, we sang. She agreed to go at least 2 days and see what it is all about. Well she went Wed. & Fri. She loves it. She's singing new songs, and being more outgoing. This is good, right?

I know it is. Somewhere in my mind. But a part of me doesn't like the 5 hrs a week that I won't know what she eats for a snack, or who she is hanging out with. I don't like that she says things and I don't know exactly why. I've always been pretty intuned with her since we spend most of our waking hours together. Oh and being on the other side of the whole school thing blows. Here I am turning over my precious daughter and they are rushing me out of the room. Just like I used to do when I was on the teaching side of the classroom door. I do understand, though. I know as a teacher, I tried to make each minute count. You don't have time to hold the parents hands. So we're muddling our way through.

Her doubts came before and mine are coming after. I feel like I'm giving up a part of her that I'll never get back. It may be time, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. She is just 3....barely.

I'm not sure I am ready for her to go to town. Not without me.

Monday, June 25, 2007

That's my's what I do.

I know this song(by Conway Twitty) was meant to be from a father's perspective, but it sure works well for a mother, too. When Ann-Marie is scared 1/2 to death, I can sing it in her ear and all is right with the world. For now we pretty much stick to the chorus, highlighted in red. I only copied the first part of the song here as it's the part that pertains to us for many years to come. Thank goodness.

I woke up crying late at night
when I was very young.
I had dreamed my father
had passed away and gone.

My world revolved around him
I couldnt lay there anymore.
So I made my way down the mirrored hall
and tapped upon his door.

And I said "Daddy, I'm so afraid
how will I go on with you gone that way?
Don't wanna cry anymore
so may I stay with you?"

And he said "That's my job,
that's what I do.
Everything I do is because of you,
To keep you safe with me.
That's my job you see."

Here is the rest.... The teenage part I've already been through myself. And I hope it's easy on Murry and me. I'm not looking forward to a time when I cannot make all right in her world with a simple song. The last part....well that's the one that worries me most. For myself and my little darling.

Later we barely got along
this teenage boy and he.
Most of the fights it seems
were over different dreams,
we each held for me.

He wanted knowledge and learning.
I wanted to fly out west.
Said, "I could make it out there
if I just had the fare.
I got half, will you loan me the rest?"

And I said "Daddy, I'm so afraid,
there's no guarantee in the plans
I've made and if I should fail,
who will pay my way back home?"

And he said "That's my job
that's what I do.
Everything I do is because of you
to keep you safe with me.
That's my job you see."

Every person carves his spot
and fills the hole with light.
And I pray someday I might
light as bright as he.

Woke up early one bright fall day
to spread the tragic news.
After all my travel, I settled down
within a mile or two.

I make my living with words and rhyme
and all this tragedy
Should go into my head and out instead
as bits of poetry.

But I say "Daddy, I'm so afraid,
how will I go on with you gone this way?
How can I come up with a song to say
I love you?"

That's my job, That's what I do
Everything I do is because of you
to keep you safe with me.
That's my job you see.
Everything I do is because of you
to keep you safe with me.

In case anyone wondered just what it is that I think about WAY too deeply late at night. There ya have it.

Here's a video with the song in it...for your listening pleasure.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well I know I've been a bit boring of late. When I started this blog we were living in a duplex that took 2 hours to clean and I couldn't have cared less if I did any sort of deep cleaning on it. We were building a house which meant hours and hours of time at home with a little one since dh was often working on the house. I think it was in February, too. You know, cold and dark. Well I'm sadly down to a post a month and not much to say. I do put up new pics every so often over at Murry's world.

I guess it's like anything for me. It cycles round. Or maybe I'm losing it. Not my entire mind, just getting a little mushy. I have the attention span of a gnat these days. I guess she's rubbing off on me with her 2 year old ways.........hmmm......what was I doing? Trying to get a blog out with my mushy brain? Oh yeah. Well I got nothing. If I come up with something bloggable I'll get back with ya, but for now I'm out.

Friday, April 20, 2007

April's Post

Yes, I'm a bad blogger these days. I like doing it and all, but by the time I get around to know 11pm or after... my brain's pretty well done for the day anyhow.

So for those of you who are asking what have those two been up to lately? Well I am here to answer that burning question. Nada. Nothing new. But it's spring and the weather's been decent which results in us spending as much time outside as we can swing and still get my chores and 1 movie a day in.

Good weather day here. We went to the zoo. It was nice and peaceful. Miss Murry asked me if it would be okay to talk to this little girl at the penguin exhibit. She gets stranger danger huh? Anyhow...I said, sure go ahead. But I didn't coach her or anything. She didn't seem to know how to get the conversation rolling, so you can see how she's up in her space here. Her opening line...."Hi, this is me." All the adults standing around cracked up of course! So then I said, tell her, "My name's Ann-Marie" Then the other little girl, says, "My name's Ann-Marie" Toddlers are a hoot!!! We were all trying not to totally laugh out loud at this insanely insane conversation...but we weren't very successful. It's a scrapable moment for sure.

Later when the cold weather returned. A day at the aquarium. No funny story here. She was sullen and attitudinal for a good portion of the visit and her friend L was having his own issues. Then right as we are leaving they both get happy and all smiles and are holding hands having a grand old time. Two year old are their own special breed. I hope mine picks her more pleasant personality at age 3. Cause I expect this insanity to end right on her 3rd birthday!

They did have a ball feeding the turtles and touching the starfish. Or we'll call it that at least for L. ;)

We've had a lot of home days lately. Some weeks we run, run, run. Meaning I leave the house 3 or more days a week. Other weeks we leave the house 1 maybe 2 times. I much prefer those weeks.

Other life happenings...

  • Working out a lot more...eating better.
  • Got new shoes. Ordered them online from New Balance. Love anything that saves me from having to run downtown...30-45 minutes away from my little corner of the world.
    Oh and they are HOT. Somewhat orthopedic, but my foot is lovin' them. Picked up another pair of not so orthopedic ones, too.
  • AM has moved from her "cars" obsession to a "my little pony" obsession.
  • Blowing lots of bubbles, porching, cleaning, and just living life.
Good times.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And for the Fam.

Cause I've already splashed these all over the internet....but here they are again!

We went to Sears today to have AM's pics taken. She was so good and had a ball with the photgrapher lady. It was the first time she wasn't completely weirded out by the "new" person so I got to sit back and enjoy. It was so nice and she got so many smiles and good poses that I had a hard time picking. So I didn't. I did get a package, but I also got the CD so I can have them ALLL... mwahahahaha!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Come Meet Our Floamy Friends

So you've been asking yourself, what are Mom & Murry up to these days??? Well we are busy as usual. We made these lovely creatures one day. She absolutely loves this kit. Since I'm cheap we aren't going to let them dry. Instead we shall take pictures. Other news in Murryland includes a trip to Build a Bear where she built a lamb. I'd include her pic but I'd have to go pry her out of her arms as she's snoozing. Maybe later. We have hamsters now. We have 3, but 1 is out of here, soon. These are just another thing on my "to do" list, but they are so cute that I don't mind too much. Yet. by Murry
by Mommy
by Mommy

by Murry
Here's a new use for her shopping cart. Very color coordinated, too. Many of you will recognize the movie she's watching. She's become quite the little "Cars" nut. She has the cars, the movie, and now even a Lightening McQueen fishing pole. Her favorite game to play right now is "tractor tipping." She runs around saying "Ka Chow." Good stuff.

That's all I have for tonight.

Herbie says, Hi.

Monday, February 19, 2007

She drives me to eat chocolate!

We are on the brink of a sleep change. Let me just stop and cry for a minute. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Right now I can either:

  1. get up at 8 and then let her nap for hour around 3 or 4. And this nap has to be enforced. I have to lay down with her or she'll just screw around till 5pm when it's too late. If she takes the said 1 hour nap, though she'll screw off in bed from 10 -11pm and holler for me and basically drive me crazy.
  2. have a 9 o'clock wake up time and skip nap altogether. She's a bear most of the evening after 6pm, but she conks out at 9 like a champ.
I like neither of these options. I want my toddler who slept 12 hours at night and still took an almost 2 hour nap! Just when you get used to something, they go and change all the rules.

Pooping and the potty training regression ( the big one!)
She suddenly just doesn't want to poop. This is too hard, it hurts, I'll just pass. No matter how many times i tell her that isn't an option, she won't get it. I did tell her if she poops in her pants once more, she's back in pull ups. I despise cleaning terds out of underwear. The last 2 poops have made it in the potty, but she's being very high maintenance about this. She gets the heebie jeebies and you can tell she's doing everything not to crap on herself, but she won't admit she needs to poo. So I take her, talk her off her crazy toddler ledge and then read a book and wait. Sometimes I am rewarded with a poop in the toilet, but not all the time. She was doing MUCH better on this for about a month, but then she had the monster of all terds and now she fears them all. I have explained that if you hold them in, they get larger. I am pushing prune juice and prunes down her. She eats tons of corn, carrots and salad. This is one of those moments when I want to call it a day. I'm done. I don't, of course, but I am sick of trying to explain the pooping process and that it doesn't hurt any less to make mongo terds in your panties than it does on the potty.

This is the the ultimate insult right now. In our house we get into "name calling" feuds no less than 10 times a day. Common names are:
  • goober, goobersmack
  • gomer pyle
  • one-eyed wooly booger
  • silly goose, moosy, moose, monkey up a tree
But whoever pulls out the "smelliot" card wins. It's getting overused and will soon be added to the list and a new "trump" name will take its place, but for now, the NAME to remember is smelliot. For anyone not in the know, that is what they call Elliot the deer in Open Season to insult him.

OK...For real..

Ok, all in all she's a really sweet kid with sleeping and pooping issues. More pooping, really, than anything. I'm just tired of smelling her stinky farts and watching her do the "poo-poo" dance, but NO mama I do NOT have to potty. No I won't poop in my panties either, I just WOn't poop at all! But for real, I'd eat chocolate anyway, i LOVE chocolate.

Sunday she did do something good. She finally drove her car that Santa brought her. She's been scared of it up until now. It's also been to cold, so we haven't pushed it. And by "drove" I mean she pushed the gas, while Dan walked around turning the steering wheel. I'm sure it won't take long to catch onto this one, though.

Tomorrow, big day for us. We're going to town. Wal-Mart to be exact. She wanted to go today. She begged me to take her to Wal-Mart so she could eat a samwich at the restraunt and buy some grapes. I was not in the mood. Plus on some level,not too deep, I'm scared of the germs. So tomorrow, I put on my lysol wipes and away we go.

Oh yeah, and for some reason, we're getting a hamster. Anyone else want one?

pics on the other site.... Wonderfully Murry

And that folks is your update for the week. I'd apologize for my (our) life being boring, but I much prefer it that way. Ta ta.